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Quit Smoking In The Central Coast And Around NSW With Pure Nature Life

Stop smoking – But how? We can help you quit smoking around the Central Coast and other towns in NSW.

 Dear smoker,

We are sure that you know in all details about the risk to your health, the side effects and consequences of smoking. You know that tobacco smoke triggers or contributes to many serious diseases such as cancer, heart and lung diseases, strokes and much more. Whereas problems of physical condition and smoker’s cough are harmless and “only molesting”

Smoking is expensiveUnknown

Just do a simple calculation: you smoke a package of cigarettes a day amounting to $17.00 This means $119, – per week, per month $476,- per year $ 5,712,- and per 10 years $ 57,120,- which is quite a huge sum. If you want help to quit smoking around the Central Coast and throughout NSW, come to Pure Nature Life.

Smokers feel more and more discriminated

The public pressure is increasing all the time. Smoking in public places is less and less allowed. Long-haul flights can become a torture.

Quitting smoking is worth-while at every age

shutterstock_130428743The human body has a great regeneration ability which becomes obvious once smoking has stopped. The risk due to smoking decreases, in many cases diseases can get better and your fitness and physical condition improve within a short time. Your skin will have a fresher look and you save a lot of money. Pure Nature Life is here to assist you quit smoking in the Central Coast and around the nearby areas.

You would like to stop?


…you don’t have the courage to try it?

…you fear not to make it or to relapse?

…you fear gaining weight?

…you have already tried so many things but without any results?

With the help of the Bioresonance practitioner you have the chance to be successful !

Pure Nature Life offers effective treatments to help you quit smoking around the Central Coast and all of NSW.


How many treatments are normally necessary?

Our experience has shown that it is enough one treatment with the Bioresonance practitioner.

How much cost one treatment?

We have standard fee for one session 


Just ask us, we are pleased to give you more details!

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Email: info@purenaturelife.com.au

SMS:  0478 10 77 77

What can you do to effectively support your anti-smoking therapy?

Therefore it is extremely important to drink 2 litres of water with low mineral content per day during the whole time of the treatment. Only water low in minerals can absorb the dissolved toxins and discharge them from your body.

Before and after therapy you should avoid alcohol for at least 6 hours !

Tiredness after the therapy, a feeling of warmth or cold or slight sweating are reactions to the therapy and normally disappear shortly after. Occasionally patients reported slight circulatory reactions which could be stopped by drinking a lot of water.

If you have any questions about our program to quit smoking in the Central Coast and around the close-by areas, please feel free to contact us!