Treatment Types

Natural medicines involve a wide range of natural therapies that work on both the physical and emotional body in order to relieve pain, improve health, and also improve emotional conditions such as stress or anxiety. There are many benefits to be had from undergoing one of these forms of natural therapies. Pure Nature Life provides many of these therapies, such as:

 is a complete alternative care system that uses a wide range of approaches such as nutrition, herbs, iridology, Bach flower, manipulation of the body, stress reduction.

Herbal medicine is a system that uses plants or plant parts where the chemical compounds work synergistically on the body, to help promote health and wellbeing.

Nutritional therapy takes into account biochemical individuality; we are all unique and the programmes are tailor-made in order to help you achieve your goals. If you are looking for treatments for food intolerance around Gosford, the Central Coast or in Erina, Pure Nature Life is who you need.

Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine in which treatment is tailored to the individual. the theory behind this form of medicine is that “like cures like”.

Biopuncture is the superficial injection of dilute homeopathic remedies around or at the site of acute or chronic pain and injuries to address muscle pain and spasm, inflammation, joint pain, and lymphatic drainage. These “micro-dose” injections at carefully chosen spots influence the local immune response and promote the natural healing process. 


Weight loss at Changing Shape, Qualified Nutritionist can help you lose weight fast and get your medical conditions managed. 

Stop smoking– it is never late! Learn about the benefits of not smoking on health and appearance.