It’s not your fault if your child has Eczema and Asthma

It’s not your fault if your child has Eczema and Asthma.


Eczema, which is also called atopic dermatitis, is a very common skin problem. It may start in infancy, later in childhood, or in adulthood. Once it gets underway, it tends not to go quickly away.

This is my story – how I came across eczema.

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My second child at age of 4 month got eczema and during the next 6 months it has got only more severe. I felt my heart breaking that my firstborn son had this disorder. I blamed myself, asking constantly “what did I do wrong?” I continued his treatment thinking that perhaps the older he got the better the medicine would react with his immune system. I have seen various doctors of modern medicine; through GP to immunologists. However, at age of 20 months, after undergoing atreatment my child got asthma – an allergic reaction to a certain chemical within a steroid cream. It was then that I stopped everything that my Doctors recommended and began researching to find some alternative means to help my child. I began studying Naturopathy, Nutritional medicine and Herbal medicine. I started understanding what eczema and asthma are and how to properly treat them without causing any reactions in the body. When I finished my degree and got my diploma, I found a solution to help him and other kids.
Now days I strongly believe and recommend that kids with disorders such as eczema, asthma and food intolerance can be treated with natural medicine. They are not only a healthier, but risk free and much safer for a growing and maturing body. Though, unlike Modern medicine, it’s a lengthier procedure, nonetheless, this procedure has more beneficial in the long run.
I invite all mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmother, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and fathers to think about what is beneficial for your child and his or her wellbeing.
Comment your thoughts and experiences whether you agree with my personal experience and opinion.
My son has improved dramatically with the use of natural medicine, as depicted in the pictures, thus I always recommend parents to use natural medicine when involved with eczema.
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Always open for discussion.